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Re: [SLUG] File systems and redundency

Things like /var and /tmp could potentially fill up under an attack. If
these are part of root, this could cause your system to fall over.

I like putting /boot at the start of the disk in a little partition to
protect it from everything else also.


George Vieira wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was just wondering why is it so crucial to have different mount points on
> a unix system? Eg. create /, /usr , /tmp , /home
> Why is it so much better to have multiple partitions instead of having
> everything mounted as (/) root?
> Sure some times the file system could crash and at least it's only 1 file
> system and root or /home or /usr is still OK but what other reasons are
> there? Speed? Fragmentation? Etc.....
> thanks,
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