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Re: [SLUG] Optus Cable and a network install

> I am still classifying myself as a NEWBIE but I am in need of a little help. 
> I am about to help a friend of mine to put a RH6.2 system in as a server for the Optus Cable they have had installed.
> The box I am giving them is a P133 with 32Meg and a 1 Gig HDD and two network cards and a FDD. I am trying really hard to avoid the need to put a CDROM in the box as it will never be used again afterwards and I would hate to have to go out and buy one. 
> I am wondering (I know it is possible) how I can setup a bootable floppy (or a few) to be able to do an Internet Install of RH6.2 with the necessary settings for using the OPTUS cable modem for this. 

I dont know if this is possible.

As a stop gap to solve your problem, it sounds like you have a small
network already. Grab something like wingate (assuming you dont already
have a linux router on your network) and just do a normal redhat 6.2
netowrk install, and use a winblows box as a gateway.


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