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Re: [SLUG] linux jobs ##

Well, I started to use Linux because windows sucks. The job
aspect was something that came later. in my first job (yes, I'm
on my second *ever* full time job ;-) ) i bunged a debian box in
to runs as our mailserver, with the expectation of pulling it a
few weeks later for a novel based solution. To the best of my
knowledge, it's still sat there quite happily after a year or
so. My real job was a dba, but when the DB in question is
Access, you get bored *VERY*very* quickly...
So after, 9 months of utter hell and tedium there, I moved to
this job as a SysAdmin, running a mix of NT<shudder/>, Linux,
and Solaris.
So yes, the potential is definitely there for people to get
decent admin jobs if they are prepared to learn at home...
by the way, i'm 21, i dropped out of uni at the end of my second
year, etc etc... ;-)
At some point around Sat, Sep 09, 2000 at 02:27:42AM -0400, Minh Van spaketh thusly:
> do people use linux with real expectations of gaining 'pure' linux sys
> admin positions or do they use it as a sort of primer for unix admin jobs
> ?
> would, and could somebody who uses linux expect a realistic (good) outcome
> from an employer demanding linux or linux-related skills ? i'm just
> wondering about the potential demand or better likelihood of somebody who
> puts the effort to master it and the corresponding professional
> recognition that linux gives them ?
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