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Re: [SLUG] change default mail handler

> > David Kempe wrote:
> >
> > Is there a way to change it so that the mail is sent to this local
server on
> > port 25?
> You just need to set it up as the relay host. I'm clueless about sendmail,
> so I can't help you on that count.
> Exim? Postfix? Easy enough. :)

Ok, I tried Postfix, it didnt work either. Both mail programs need to use
port 25. The sql based mail server needs to be on all the time really. So it
has port 25. It also speaks pop3 and ldap. postfix therefore doesnt start
when something is already on port 25 - then it doesnt deliver my messages.
At least sendmail was attempting to deliver them - it returned user unkown,
which meant it didnt contact the sql mail server on port 25. hrmmm i dunno
What i need is a way to get mail from the local users mail spool into the
sql database. bugger. this is sounding tricky.