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RE: [SLUG] DOS Boot floppy

go to a windows machine and using the control-panel -> add/remove software
-> startup disk and make a boot disk.

then copy to the disk the ahaXXX.sys driver and apsicd.sys driver if you
need cdrom support

then do the 

in your config.sys

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Subject: [SLUG] DOS Boot floppy

Sorry ifthis is off topic, but I guess all linux users have this problem at 
some time.

I need to create a DOS boot floppy (no problem) which includes the driver 
(the problem) for my Adaptec 2940UW SCSI card so that I can update the bios 
of a SCSI drive.

How do I create a Dos boot floppy including the SCSI driver?

Any advice gratefully received - couldn't find help on M$ or Adaptec 

Also, does anybody have a Castlewood Orb drive? My drive is OK 
(apparently many aren't), but I have one bad disk out of 3, and at $63 each 
thats not good. Disks are currently unavailablr according to Pioneer 
Computers (one of the Distributors), due to problems being experienced with 
their reliability. Anybody else having problems?