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Re: [SLUG] UPSs and linux in general

> John Wiltshire wrote:
> Our Smart-UPS is connected to an NT box (via serial cable) which runs a
> stack of scripts when it gets the "shutdown" message to cleanly shut down
> any other box on the UPS which needs it.  I'm assuming the same would work
> for Linux although it would probably be a lot easier to set up (given the
> relative difficulty of scripting on NT compared to Linux).

Query (given that I've only ever used Dumb-UPS):

What tells what what's happening and how?

(ie. Okay, so you've got your serial cable keeping them talking, and I
assume there's a daemon running in the background waiting for cries of
"Wolf!" from the UPS - what then? Do you configure a script to run at
various points or...? Please enlighten!)

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