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Re: [SLUG] Dynalink TV Tuner card

OK well I've got a little further along with this. The blisteringly
insightful 'read the man poge' was like an epiphany to me, but enough on
My problem is not configuring xawtv but ensuring my bttv etc modules are all
OK. I'll sketch some details here but if someone has one of these beasts
going who can contact me off-list I'd be grateful.
Compiled and installed latest i2c (2.5.2) as kernel patches
COmpiled and installed latest BTTV (0.7.41) which has way more cards

Now according to theory (and the man page) setting for Australia and PAL
should make the magic happen as far as channels go. Somewhere up around
channel 60 I can get Prime - just. Really the whole thing comes down to
settings afaik. I've tried autodetect and various card types such as Askey
and the specific Dynalink type. I think I get held up on the tuner section
which I specify as 0 (Temic PAL) which is certainly what appears on the card
but no go.
Additionally, the choice of the sound module has me stumped but I stumbled
over TEA3600 although I've no idea if it's correct.
Google has thus far proved fruitless as well. I'm kinda hoping it's not
something to do with me running X4.0.1 and a TNT2 etc although nothing odd
shows up turning on debugging in the modules.