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Re: [SLUG] Question about Email (what do u use?)

On Wed, 06 Sep 2000, maxmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx generated:

>:). But I have been looking for a nice easy to use/stable email client that
>has support for sending/retriving of multiple email acounts pop3 that is. I
>was woundering what do the slug users use or recommend besides netscapes
>email client :).

Excuse me if i'm missing something, but why not use fetchmail and mutt?
All unix mailers read from a local spool, and rely on other programs to
do the actual transferring.  fetchmail gets your mail from remote pop
servers (i use it for 2 different accounts) and you can use mutt, the
least sucky of all clients, to read your mail.

Mutt is good, you turn on threading and see all the lazy people who
reply to other messages and change the topic of the thread rather than
starting a new thread.


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