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Re: [SLUG] pppd crashes

Doug Stalker wrote:
> Tom Massey wrote:
> > 2. Compile the ppp module from 2.2.14,
> What version should I look for?

I'm talking about the kernel module, not ppp daemon. In the kernel
source tree it's under linux/drivers/net. You need to download the
2.2.14 kernel, compile it, edit the ppp.o binary to reflect your current
kernel (using Emacs or something), then stick it in
/lib/modules/2.2.xx/net/ in place of the ppp.o that's already there.

> Wow!  Using an internal winmodem on a system that crashes regularly!  I know
> another operating system that can do that.  <grin>

Yeah. Only OS I've found that can run a Winmodem flawlessly is BeOS. :-)

> and not worry about getting pppd to work
> with it - I don't want to break it completly and then not be able to use an
> external modem either.

It's easy enough to change back, you just replace the ppp.o module with
the original one. But I wouldn't bother if you're getting an external
modem on Friday.