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Re: [SLUG] pppd crashes

Tom Massey wrote:

> Doug Stalker wrote:
> > Install the modem drivers
> This is a kernel module called 'ltmodem.o'? Binary only, released by
> Lucent.

Thats the one.  (AFAIK, it the only official linux driver for any winmodem)

> > 2) Any ideas on what is causing  pppd to crash and how to resolve it?
> Yep, the problem is that you're running kernel 2.2.15 or later. The ppp
> kernel module was changed between kernels 2.2.14 and 2.2.15 and now the
> Lucent driver's incompatible with it, and makes your machine crash.
> Couple of possible solutions, none very satisfactory:

> 1. Downgrade to kernel 2.2.14. (this is the best way of avoiding kernel
> panics)
> 2. Compile the ppp module from 2.2.14,

What version should I look for?

> and load it instead of the ppp
> module from your current kernel

> (this solution will quite possibly crash your machine every
> couple of days)

Wow!  Using an internal winmodem on a system that crashes regularly!  I know
another operating system that can do that.  <grin>

I think that I'll try it tonight on the vodafone telenotes service (text only,
used to send SMS to vodafone mobiles) and not worry about getting pppd to work
with it - I don't want to break it completly and then not be able to use an
external modem either.

 - Doug

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