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Re: [SLUG] StarOffice 5.2 vs Microsoft Word

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On Tue, 5 Sep 2000 luke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> We have been having a little discussion about StarOffice 5.2 vs
> Microsoft Word.  I was interested in whether it's possible to ditch
> Word in favour of SO.  I just thought I'd pass it on, as people here
> may be interested.
> Executive summary seems to be: you could, but it would cost you, maybe
> more than you'd save.

The biggest problem I see is only for Access databases.....  but
eliminating Access from the world isn't such a bad idea is it?

> Unquoted bits are me (`l>').
> On  5 Sep, Andrew Dorrell wrote:
> a>  In short, everyone would have to change over to staroffice
> a>  if it were to work which I would not suggest for a moment.
> l> Why not, just out of interest?
> a>  1. It may work within the office... but then try sending a document to
> a>  someone outside...
> I assume you'd ask them what they wanted, and then send text or rtf or
> word, or an SO file (in that likely order).

I run a M$ free office here.... By default I send RTF to M$ encumbered
offices, or HTML for basic documents.  I find that between RTF + HTML, I
can do 99% of what I need. I only send DOC if I need to.  Ahhhh... no M$
macro viruses.........  (now THAT is a benefit of SO!!)

> >  2. Word/Excel are better products.  They run more efficiently for
> >  example.
> Though I've used it happily to edit Word documents that crash Word, and
> save them back as Word, and then successfully use Word.
> a> I didn't mean to imply that word/excel didn't suck ;)
> a>  Star office is still relatively imature and their future
> a>  development path / support is not clear IMO.  SO is designed as a
> a>  monolith - just what unix doesn't like or want.
> I think this is the killer issue.  It uses too much memory.

It does use too much memory.....  but the Sun (and now OpenOffice) guys
admit this and......

Things are likely to improve a lot. The "being your desktop" approach I
believe is being dumped, all the individual components - Writer, Calc, etc
are being split, GTKized and Bonoboized. I have been following some of the
plans and it sounds awesome IMHO.

> And the same attitude carries over in the way it tries to become your
> desktop, which I also dislike.

Yes, agreed. :-)  Everybody I speak to, hates these things, and thank
goodness, these are some of the things to be addressed. I am excited about
Bonobo being used as well.

> a>  As the unix camp is not
> a>  in control of it I expect it will get some major architectural mods or
> a>  will go into decline (depending on source quality).
> Agreed.  Though since it is being GPL-ed this month or next month, the
> Unix camp will be getting control.

Gnome/GTK, Sun and others (like myself if only I had time :-P ) will work
on it. I think the announcements over the last month or two have been very
very +ve for the long term future of SO, and am not concerned at all now
about the long term future.... M$ Office's own long term future is
.... any better than that of an open source product?

> a>  3. Everybody in the office has already some exposure and familiarity
> a>  with Word/Excel.  Not such an issue for technical people like ourselves
> a>  - but it makes a big difference for many people.
> It'd be interesting to see.  My experience is that people who can use
> Word can use SO.  But you have to give a bit of a push because it is a
> hog.

I have had some success with moving people from M$ Office to SO to date.
Some genuine feedback:

1. "Why does it try and control my desktop?"
2. "It takes FOREVER to load, but does seem to perform okay once
started." (that is on a "good" spec machine)
3. "I love the features, but its pretty slow." (that was on a bad spec

> >  NB I don't even use Star Office under linux here at work because I find
> >  it more effective (in terms of communicating with others) to either use
> >  plain text or use Word (via metaframe).  I use start office at home -
> >  but that's different.
> I prefer plain text, and at work I use FrameMaker, and at home I use
> troff/mm.  :-)

Yup... not everybody I know wants to use troff however. :-)

> a> BTW - I use latex too and have submitted a number of documents to ISO
> a> in pdf generated from latex.  As things are shaping, pdf is a better
> a> document delivery format than word (or postscript) as, in general,
> a> the documents seem to be very portable and print predicatably - all
> a> credit to Adobe for making this happen!
> a> Also, playing with the image editor in Star office is pleasantly
> a> surprising

Well everybody will soon be able to fix them bugs....  Hooray!  Long live
Star/Open Office and Applix!!!!

David S..

> luke
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