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Re: [SLUG] Sawmill keeps logging out after periods of inactivity

> James Wilkinson wrote:
> I'm using debian woody with the helix gnome.. er.. the latest lot via
> the apt-repository at mirror.aarnet.edu.au/pub/helixcode, with sawfish
> as my wm.

Disturbingly similar to my machine.

> If i leave my box for a few hours while logged in (via gdm), i come back
> to the machine and find myself back at the gdm login screen.

Not very similar at all... ;)

 * First off - and I'm sure you've done this - check to see if your machine
   isn't rebooting out of the blue.
   Doubtful, but worth checking... I always forget to check those sorts of
   problems first (like when things go weird and there happens to be no
   space left on my drive... duh!)

 * Read ~/.xsession-errors to see if anything strange is going on (like X
 * Is xscreensaver running? Try disabling it to see if that's the culprit.

 * Tell us when you find out. :)

> [looks at helix guru Jeff ;) ]


I'm just getting as much experience with it as I can so I can start slipping
in GNOME machines everywhere I work. GNOME 1.4/2.0 promises a much better
desktop environment both from the user and administrator's perspectives than
the Other OS.

I'm seriously wondering if I should start buying up X terminals too... ;)

- Jeff

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