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RE: [SLUG] OT NT on train timetable screens vs indicator boards

On Fri, 1 Sep 2000, John Wiltshire wrote:

> >I'd be changing banks if I found out the ATM's at mine were running
> >WindoZe.
> I'm pretty sure they have a sensor which can tell if you've actually taken
> the money or not.  You'll find most banks are hideously paranoid when it
> comes to dispensing money and the logs in the ATM will record (in a
> non-writeback-cached manner) that the user didn't take the money before the
> system failed.

That was just a quicked-up example - the actual mechanisms are probably

And yes, you'd eventually be able to get it right - but not without _huge_
hassle - I've been in that situation. Sorting out a $150 transaction which
went wrong took 4 MONTHS of abusing the bank.

> I seem to recall some statistic that most ATMs actually run OS/2.

No. Believe it or not. Unix. NCR Unix, to be specific - especially on
those ATM's with an NCR logo on them - which is a goodly percentage.

It's pretty cut down and customised, but it's basically a Unix kernel.