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Re: [SLUG] [OT] Blown up power supply?

On Wed, Aug 30, 2000 at 08:32:35PM +1100, Tom Massey wrote:

> topic, I'm booting these 286s with ELKS, and my Evil ELKS Beowulf Cluster 
> for World Domination (EEBCWD - I may have to work on the acronym) grows

It's going to be a long slow process if you stick to 286s ;-)

Do you want another 286?  I was given a Wang 286 a few years ago, and I've
had neither the time nor the inclination to do anything with it.  All I've
done is to rip the guts out of the box and put in a 486 that needed a
home.  The bits I took out are sitting in a box at home.  You're welcome
to them if you want them - motherboard with cpu and ram, video card, 20MB?
HDD, 5.25" floppy.  I think I still have an old ISA NE2000 clone you can
have too, as long as you only want to use the coax interface.  It has both
UTP and coax, but the UTP interface doesn't work reliably.  I've changed
my network at home to UTP so it's no use to me.


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