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Re: [SLUG] pppd problems this time (8-(

I doffs me hat to you John, the noauth did it.

I do need the specific IPs tho in order to know the route to find the pppd
connection so that it can be brought up on demand.

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On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, John Ferlito wrote:

> > when it offers the address and we ack the offer, but then 8
> > lines further down we are told that the peer is not authorised to use the
> > remote address, the one it has just offered as the remote.  From that
> > point down the wheels fall off.
> > 
> 	Try throwing in the noauth option. Tels pppd that the other side
> doesn't need to do any authentication.
> 	Also you shouldn't need to specify the IP's. That way if Telstra change the ip of 
> the remote end everything will keep working fine.