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Re: [SLUG] quick dsp problem

Alex Salmon wrote:
> Mandrake 7.1
> full install base cd & the 1st applications cd

OK, this should support SB Live with no problems, no extra configuration

> he is using X 4 (but could this effect even console stuff)

No, I don't think the version of X has anything to do with this problem,
certainly it shouldn't effect the console. And I'm running 4 with
nothing like this happening, no problems at all actually.

> he says he hasent done anything w/ DrakConf that may effect anything or so
> he says.

Any idea exactly what he has done in DrakConf?

> He hasent had any sound at all even during/after install

OK, are you saying that sound wasn't working, so then he went into
DrakConf to try and get it working? Seems like something went wrong
during the install then.

> I telneted in and checked out the sym links and dsp links to /dev/dsp0

And they looked right? 'ls -l /dev/dsp*' gives me:

lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     audio          11 Jul  9 04:44 /dev/dsp ->
crw-------    1 tom      sys       14,   3 May  4 11:40 /dev/dsp0
crw-------    1 tom      sys       14,  19 May  4 11:40 /dev/dsp1
crw-------    1 tom      sys       14,  35 May  4 11:40 /dev/dsp2
crw-------    1 tom      sys       14,  51 May  4 11:40 /dev/dsp3

I think that ownership of /dev/dsp0 - /dev/dsp3 changes when a different
user logs in, but I don't think this is likely to be the problem. Your
first message seemed to say that he was trying to get sound as root,
which would give him full permissions for everything. It looked more as
if there was no /dev/dsp at all - said 'no such device', instead of
'permission denied'. What do you get if you try 'ls /dev/dsp'?
'/dev/dsp@' which indicates the sym link is there, or 'ls: /dev/dsp: No
such file or directory' which shows it's not? Also possible that the sym
link isn't pointing at anything. If it's there, does /dev/dsp point to a
non existent file? 'ls -l /dev/dsp' should give you the first line of my
output above.

> Where are sound configerations kept.

A couple of places - /etc/sound/ for some stuff, maybe in your home
directory, some programs have their own sound config file, probably some
other places. Have a look at the file /etc/sysconfig/soundcard - for an
SB Live this file should contain just one line 'CARDTYPE=EMU10K1'.

> (is x sound handled the same as console sound).

Well, it all gets sent to the same driver in the end, so for the
purposes of fixing this problem, yes. 

> Im wondering if i can reset it somehow.

There's nowhere you can go and say 'reset' if that's what you mean. What
you can do is edit config files, create links etc.