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Re: [SLUG] quick dsp problem

On Sat, 26 Aug 2000, James Wilkinson generated:

>Notice how the user root and the group audio have read and write
>permissions to the dsp device, but others do not.  Have a look at your
>own machine, and see who has rights to read/write the dsp.  Then either
>add yourself to the audio group (edit /etc/group, go to the line
>beginning with "audio" and add your username to the end) or you can
>chmod o+rw /dev/dsp and let the world read/write to the dsp.

Ken has just pointed out to me that I am in fact an idiot.  It's not a
permissions problem at all ;)  Next time I will go out on a Saturday
night and destroy brain cells rather than attempt to use them.


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