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[SLUG] Redhat printtool.


Being new to the world of squirting ink onto dead trees - I am currently
fiddling with the latest version of ghostscript/rhs-printfilters and other

Firstly - the printers in question aren't postscript capable.. secondly, I
would prefer not to have X on this machine.

It appears that the only simple('ish) way to setup non-PS printers is to
use the silly printtool - but it's X only... or is it?

Assuming that I don't want to use printtool or it is X only - how does one
setup the appropriate "filters" for a particular printcap entry? Is there
a site where one can find a collection of files per particular printer, or
specs per printer - or is it "bugger around until the damn thing works"?

Danke muchly..