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Re: [SLUG] <O.T> N E 1 know about COMTECH education services sydney?...

> ComTech education is one of, if not the, best educators for IT training in
> Australia.
> I've done numerous courses there, and their trainers are top rank {one of
> the Novell guys there gets asked to fix things _Novell_ themselves can't
> do!}, their facilities are first class, and the food isn't bad either. :-)
> Yes, I think they're worth the money. Definitely.

I'll second that - I did my CNE with them a few years ago, and a couple
of courses since, and they have always been right on the money. Not the
cheapest in the world, but streets ahead of the competition, especially
the ones M$ recommend..

Oh, and some of the female instructors are seriously cute too ...:-)



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