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RE: [SLUG] vgetty add-ons/voice menus.

Actually even better, use the good old scrolling or flashing CAP,NUM,SCROLL
LEDS on the keyboard... Just to let you know there are messages.

Even speaking out the message via Text to Speech (I did have that running
once) "You have 3 messages"..

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> I have been thinking of a simular project, a Linux 
based answering
> machine.

<feature list snipped>

An excellent and worthy project - but why the LCD 
display ?

Subscribing to the KISS principal, have Ye Olde Fashing 
Red LED if there are new messages - you can then telnet 
to the box to collect them.

Would also allow you to telnet in remotely (maybe a web 
interface ?) to change message redirection, etc.


P.S. When you get it working, I want one...:P-)

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