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Re: [SLUG] vgetty add-ons/voice menus.


I can't really help you, but thought I'd mention a project I've been thinking about.

Basically at the moment I use netsaint which pages me when things go wrong.

You could then react by calling an IVR type machine, and and after entering a password, and maybe checking callerid as well, have a menu from which you could issue commands, like "Which machine would you like to reboot?", "Where would you like to ping?", "Where would you like to go today?" etc.

Obviously your commands are quite limited, but I know in my case when there is a problem, the fix is usually always the same and straightforward, namely reboot the Terminal Adapter.

Also we use an APC masterswitch which is a kewl device for remotely (telnet, http, etc) rebooting comms equipment in case anyone was wondering :)

Brock Henry

At 09:39 25/08/2000 +1000, you wrote:

After having spent the past few hours following dead links and generally
unproductive efforts,I have decided to post here in the hope that some has
done this before and can tell me all about it. :)

In short, I would like to create a DTMF (IVR) menu system - I know vgetty
has hooks for it - but I believe that there are other applications out
there for Linux that make Life Easier(tm) ... for example, something
called "Calltree" (which I would have loved to look at, but it seems that
their homepage doesn't exist anymore *sigh*).

Oh, and ideally this piece of software also records messages as well.

Have any of you done this? Any ideas? Pointers to where Calltree's new
home is?

Danke muchly.


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