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RE: what users want (was RE: [SLUG] hrmm.. go Telstra)

Rodos <rodos@xxxxxxxxx>
> On Thu, 24 Aug 2000, Patrick Kelso wrote:
> > I came to work today and asked a few people what they wanted in a mailing
> > system 
> > a/ instant mailing within the company, 
> > b/ reliable storage of their email, and 
> > c/ as little to have to do with it as possible. 
> > Now this seems fair enough to me, I then did some qucik comparisons
> > from our current system, and what was asked for in the first place,
> > and exchange comes out on top, it provides all these features, with
> > minimal interaction with non-technical staff.
> Eh? They want instant mailing, reliability and little to do with it. And
> then _Exchange_ came out on top! What did you compare it with, X400 over
> uucp?
> IMHO a Unix based MTA such as sendmail or the other alternatives along
> with IMAP and a client (Eudora or even Outlook) would easily meet this
> need at NO cost and would be a hell of a lot easier to manage.
> I must be missing something.

I assumed Patrick was employing sarcasm or irony or something...