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Re: [SLUG] <O.T> N E 1 know about COMTECH education services sydney?...

ROSIE wrote:
> I am wondering if there is n 1 out there that has studied at Comtech
> Education Services in sydney. I am thinking of enrolling in a course there
> but seeing as though it is pretty costly $$$$$ 

They are probably one of the best of the general education centres.
I didn't know that they did linux training!!!

The quality of the instructors is variable. They are basically reading
from a course book. I didn't find too many that had regularly hands on
experience. I like Hewlett Packard course for this reasons - the
instructors were the engineers who last week and next week were out in
the field dealing with customers. Comtech and other places are mainly
full of "certified instructors" who would have real trouble in the
field. There are a few exceptions of course.

Courses are expensive - they have a prime site to maintain. If someone
else is paying for the course, then great do it and take the exam

If you are paying for the course then consider the self taught book
method. The test will cost you $100+ to sit. This works best if you
have a pile of hardware and some mentors to assist. You can always
swap over to taking courses when this method becomes too difficult.

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