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Re: [SLUG] workshop-full of junk available late this week

ken@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > Yep, this is very limited use.
> Well it depends on the expectations of the users. If everybody wants to run
> StarOffice, then there isn't much hope of supporting them on discarded hardware.

Pentiums run SO & WP okay.
If users hqve an explanation of getting the latest, greatest and
fastest, then they would not be the sort of donee CB would want.

I have this problem with my surplus list
(http://www.woa.com.au/surplus) - some people WANT everything, but
have a strange reluctance to pay postage to have it sent to them.

> Unfortunately schools and school admins have their own agendas, another long
> story.

>What happened to the school librarian you were trying to convince?

As you said, schools have their own adgenda. I declined further
involvment when they decided highest priority was writting programs
for Win95. The librarian decided it is easier to wait and retire than
argue any other case. Me - I just thought we might look first at
cabling the whole school, so every classroom had internet/central
server access, then look at projects, but no. 


> Problem with home users is that if we give them a machine, they expect some
> handholding. This could be even more problematic than refurbishing machines. 

Naah, Slug can run a basic apps day. These people will be linux users
Actually, this is the sort of thing that MacLUG style days can handle
- bring your machine along and we can show you - quite easily.

> But we did try, and you ended with a load of hardware from Basil in your garage.
> :-)

That'll "learn" me to take stuff from CB people {:-)
Yep, It was three printers for assessment. I suffered disintergration
and the other two will probably suffer the same soon.
> Unfortunately the current evidence is that hardware (not very modern hardware
> though) is easy to get and takers are few. 

Then I think CB needs to adopt the same stance as TAD - Say NO!.
Or charge to take it away and thus earn the organisation $$$$.
I've declined the last three offers - (1 was 286's, and the other two
were early 486's at best, but mostly junk). If CB had space and was
also recycling, then donating a few Kms to collect stuff and
disintegrate it into parts/skips/material types would have produced a
different answer.

I know of two possible donee's, but haven't confirmed them as
interested in linux as I don't have pentium hardware to give them. One
already has wfwg on 486dx33 from me.

If CB has decided that organisations are the preferred way to go, then
that is fine.

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