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Re: [SLUG] workshop-full of junk available late this week

> Yep, this is very limited use. 

Well it depends on the expectations of the users. If everybody wants to run
StarOffice, then there isn't much hope of supporting them on discarded hardware.

> Latex

Pull the other one. I love LaTeX and have used it for > 15 years, all the way
back to the old Pascal versions but I don't consider it suitable for the average

> Best use I can think of is schools, where the Pentium Server has
> already cached the pages they are expected to "research" and a variety
> of Xterms are just feeding off this cache. Although dial up is not a
> limitation with schools now as I understand it.

Unfortunately schools and school admins have their own agendas, another long

> However, I think the biggest market is "home" users, who want a
> machine that can do dialup, email, WWW cruising and homework. (woops,
> games, scribble drawing, etc) 

Problem with home users is that if we give them a machine, they expect some
handholding. This could be even more problematic than refurbishing machines. One
needs to build up a second tier of support. Organisations are easier because the
machines are in one spot and you can probably train somebody on the ground.

> > There no point having lots of storage space if there is no outlet for the
> > machines, at some point you end up with a bunch of people with aching
> backs,
> > full warehouses and nowhere for the hardware to go.
> Yep, so how do you break the cycle? 
> You have to start somewhere!

But we did try, and you ended with a load of hardware from Basil in your garage.

> If you think you can easily get hardware, then you advertise for
> clients and get the hardware as needed. Otherwise, you do it the other
> way around. I just tend to think that clients are easier to find.

Unfortunately the current evidence is that hardware (not very modern hardware
though) is easy to get and takers are few. If you believe the converse, please
suggest some donees. What happened to the school librarian you were trying to

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