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Re: [SLUG] workshop-full of junk available late this week

ken@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > So there are stacks of them around in theory. The problem is that
> > 286's, 386's and 486's are very limited use.
> Depends on what you mean by limited.
> 486s can serve as X-terminals
> 386s can do text based web browsing and mail, again diskless
> 286s can do telnet or ssh diskless (go to http://www.vein.hu/~nagyd if you
> disbelieve)

Yep, this is very limited use. 
Although, I still run five 486 CPU boxes (2 WFWG, 1 WIN95, 1 Novell
4.11, and 1 Linux - text mode only)


> Don't everbody chime in with
> vim/emacs/joe/etc. WP != text editor, you have to be able to access the printer
> effects easily.


> What would a community organisation want with a free computer network anyway?
> I'm trying to puzzle that out myself. 

Best use I can think of is schools, where the Pentium Server has
already cached the pages they are expected to "research" and a variety
of Xterms are just feeding off this cache. Although dial up is not a
limitation with schools now as I understand it.

Another "solutions" my local school librarian had was a lookup system
to enable teachers to find out who had what resources (big books,
kits, etc). A terminal in each room going back to a server in the

However, I think the biggest market is "home" users, who want a
machine that can do dialup, email, WWW cruising and homework. (woops,
games, scribble drawing, etc) 

> > As I understood it, the problem with computerbank in Sydney was
> > storage/workshop space. So, if anyone knows of a long term vacant
> > warehouse - hint hint!.
> I guess I didn't make my thesis clear enough, also in response to Jon's post.
> There no point having lots of storage space if there is no outlet for the
> machines, at some point you end up with a bunch of people with aching backs,
> full warehouses and nowhere for the hardware to go.

Yep, so how do you break the cycle? 
You have to start somewhere!

If you think you can easily get hardware, then you advertise for
clients and get the hardware as needed. Otherwise, you do it the other
way around. I just tend to think that clients are easier to find.

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