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[SLUG] Re: ipchains to get around cable/ADSL AUP?

On Tue, Aug 22, 2000 at 05:13:06AM -0000, Petra wrote:
> Also, the AUPs sometimes state that only one machine
> can be connected at once... again, using ip masquerading,
> how can they possibly know there's more than one machine
> connected?


masquerading normally uses ports up in the 60k+ range

whereas ephemeral ports (for normal, local apps) are usually well
below 10k

this is how, (eg) rusty? was getting stats from freshmeat, about how
many people use masquerading

of course, both of these are just #defines somewhere...

i say all sluggers setup an ipv6 network (tunnelled over ipv4 between
the well connected parties) and really confuse everyone
(and help save the world while we're at it ;)

 - Gus