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[SLUG] ipchains to get around cable/ADSL AUP?


I'm looking at getting either cable or ADSL running
with Linux.  The AUP for these sort of services have
a no-server policy.  I've heard that port scans are
regularly carried out to identify those that have
servers running.  However, the way I see it, one
could simply use ipchains to block the cable/ADSL 
provider from port scanning.

Is it this simple, or have I missed something here?
If I wanted to run something like gnapster to share
some of my files, and I simply block my cable or ADSL
provider from scanning on gnapster's port (using 
ipchains), how are they to know I have a server 
listening on that port?

Also, the AUPs sometimes state that only one machine
can be connected at once... again, using ip masquerading,
how can they possibly know there's more than one machine

I don't wish to be antisocial and allow huge amounts
of data to be downloaded from my machine... I simply
would like to be able to run gnapster every now and then,
ssh to my box, etc, etc.

Many thanks,

(terribly annoyed at these AUP restrictions)

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