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[SLUG] Emacs meta-key

I have Debian woody on one machine, and in Emacs the Alt key functions as
the Meta-key. That's fine.

I installed potato on another machine (without going through slink). The
alt-key won't function as meta in Emacs on this one. I've used xev to
check. Sure enough alt is there, but not for Emacs.

I've looked in Jespersen's Emacs book; for this problem he suggests
asking your system admin. Well that's me and I'm no help. 

I've googled the topic, and got one posting to the debian-users list with
the same question but no follow-up in the thread!

A related question: The .Xresources seems to get ignored by emacs when it
loads, even though netscape pays attention to the .Xresources file. ( I do
the xrdb -merge .Xresources, btw).

Any emacs users there?