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RE: [SLUG] Re: Linux Certification

With all this in mind, this is why I have a web file version of my CV. This
is OS independant as I also have done work on MACs

Bit messy I know due to number of HTML files and GIFs but it works.

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   > ditto goes for demanding CV's in word .doc, etc, etc

   I find this an education issue also. How many recruiting mobs are there
   suggect you send your resume in Microsoft format?

All of them in my experience. You use a computer, you must have
Microsoft Word, right? A lot of them ask for Word Version 6 format, I
guess the file format from older versions is incompatible?? It wouldn't
suprise me if that was the case. Some agencies ask for word any
version- maybe they keep older versions running to read older files??
I don't know much about Microsoft products and I'm not about to start

Have people on the list seen some of Bob Metcalfe's (of Ethernet fame)
flamebait about Open Source (which he calls 'Open Sores'; see- the
other side can make puns as well and you though Micro$oft was
devestating)? I'll never forget what he said about editors- "Emacs was
brilliant in the 70's, but today's programmers demand more. They need
Microsoft Word, which can't be written in a weekend no matter how much
Coke you drink". 

If companies ever send you word documents, hunt around them with
'strings' or a binary editor like weekend-Coke and you can often find
other information hidden in the structure, which I believe is a
consequence of them using the 'quick save' function which sort of
saves the undo stuff as well?? again, excuse the M$ ignorance. If you
do find something, ring the company back and tease them with this
secret knowledge. Tell them that there's a leak in their company,
which is true enough.

One agent I spoke to once asked me if I understood the ASC2 format
and I said no, I'd never heard of it. A minute after I hung up I
realised the lady was reading from a job spec which mentioned a format
called ASCII. She would have rung them back and said "he met the
requirements but he didn't know anything about the file format" and
the employers would have thought "he doesn't know ASCII? What a
joker!". Doesn't matter, wasn't keen on the job anyway, but watch out
for those all-knowing job agents! At least she knew some Roman
Numerals. I made a similar mistake myself in Tasmania when I got on a
bus and went to the "KGV" sports ground, which I pronounced to rhyme
with KGB. Everyone in Tasmania understands this as KG5- it's named
after King George V. 

I email agencies a plain text version of my resume and they import it
into Word and do what they want with it (which involves gratuitously
sticking the agency's logo on every page and completely stuffing up
the pagination- my resume and others I have seen have often appeared
out of the other end of a fax machine with final pages that have one
line of text on them, or a middle page with no text whatsoever beyond
the aforementioned logo). I always offer to fax through my resume
which is postscript from the original LaTeX (the way God intended) but
agencies are never that keen because they can't mangle it with their
own logo and information. Agencies will almost always remove your
personal contact details as well so that you can only be contacted
through them.

Obligatory certification remark: before Information Technology it was
only insane people who got certified, so not much has changed. Serious 
companies should be able to ask you a short quiz in the interview
which will give them an idea of your knowledge of a subject.


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