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[SLUG] Re: What are components?

On Wed, Aug 16, 2000 at 11:16:57AM +1000, Roland Turner wrote:
> As per earlier conversations, the open-source community has an urgent
> need to develop better means of re-use. Components are a likely part of
> that.

how do components/plugins ease code re-use?

surely they are all the same as using dlopen and a function call?

either way you have to have an agreed function name, arguments and
return value. the only way of really avoiding that is something like
what perl does, by autoconverting ints/strings and allowing hashes of
argument pairs to be passed(*).

(this is, of course, assuming that binary compatibility isn't
important.. and, well, it isn't)

(*) tho this is also doable by passing all function args in a c struct.

 - Gus