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Re: [SLUG] multi-link PPP

Roland Turner wrote:
> "Marshall, Joshua" wrote:
> > Will the connection actually run at 66k with two 33k modem links? What
> > sort of reliability might I expect, for example, what happens if one link
> > dies - does it revert to 33k until the other link re-establishes?
> Yes, but:
> - You'll have (much) higher latency using modems than using ISDN (170ms
> vs. <20ms).

Yes but, Costing of Multi-link PPP is wonderfully better.

Total cost is PER LINK is 
 Setup = two modems and two line installations @ $173???
 Onoing $40/month (? what is business now per month) and worst case 1
call (25c/day)

Actually, the lines DO NOT have to be business lines.

No data charges, no time charges.

I serve WWW and email across a dial up link. The only people who have
trouble with the latency are spammers. 

> - Have you actually costed an ISDN solution?

Yes, repeatedly over more than 10 years. 

> You may find that, unless
> you use particularly cheap modems (which really will perform badly), the
> ISDN solution may not be as expensive as you are expecting.

You will find that the ISDN link will bleed you dry unless you are
going to make a MOTZA each month.

Actually, badly tuned modems will perform badly, no matter what the

Two 33K modems will get close to 66K depending on lines, modem tuning
and EQL/?. 


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