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Re: [SLUG] List guidelines (jobs etc.)

Jamie Honan wrote:
> Having been guilty of a small notice myself, perhaps
> for simplicity sake maybe we ought to not encourage them.
> (i.e. ban them : first post private netiquette hint, second
> is final)

Jamie - your add was the sort of add I like to see; relevant, spot on
and I know it is genuine.

> What would be nice, however, is to have someone summarise
> on a weekly basis the ads on the Linux Australia page. This
> would encourage people to use this resource more.

This list floods or droughts and you can get it automatically mailed
to you. It is in drought mode at the moment. However, just because it
is on this list, doesn't mean it is a genuine job - there have been
some real time waster jobs posted.

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