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Re: [SLUG] multi-link PPP

> Marshall, Joshua wrote:
> Before I start working on it I'd like to know whether I am just wasting 
> my time ? and just go for 64k ISDN or something?

Multilink PPP is only supported by the 2.4 kernels, however, if you've got a
Linux machine or a Livingstone Portmaster on the the other end, you can use
EQL, which is essentially the same.

There are a couple of applications that give your Linux 2.2 machine MPPP
capabilities, but the ones I've seen are pretty gross, and lack all concept
of the way Linux does things.

If you can, go for EQL, otherwise wait or try something else.

Remember that you advantages lie in paying for just the phonelines required,
and nothing more.

- Jeff

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