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RE: [SLUG] interesting rumour

From: Arthur Barton [mailto:arthurb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
>From net-new:
>WinInfo says Microsoft has been working for the past year with 
>a company
>called Mainsoft to port Windows to Linux and, possibly, other 
>versions of
>UNIX. It's apparently a complicated business to get Windows 
>applications to
>run normally in Linux, and so far results are disappointing. See

Slashdot has some stuff on this as well, but I'd be surprised to see them
porting anything as large as Office initially.  Apart from the fact that
there are millions of lines of code that depend heavily on Win32 (unless you
start with the Mac version) it would be a bad place to start.  Given the
current implementation of IE on Unix exists I'd be expecting it to come out
first - possibly quite soon to compete with Mozilla.  Question of course
remains is whether this would be good or bad for Linux.

John Wiltshire