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Hi all,

Are there any UUCP experts out there - and yes, uucp is still a very
useful tool.  I just can't find the bit of info I'm after in the doco...

I have a number of machines running uucp for a reliable store-and-foreward
file transfer mechanism:

	Macine A ------- Machine B -------- Machine C

I want to send files from machine A to machine C.  This should work with
the addressing:


And the file(s) are sent from machine a to machine b, however machine b
refuses to relay to machine c aborting the transfer and informing me that
'machine a' is not allowed to relay to 'machine c'.

I can not find the configuration setting to enable this relay - and I'm
running out of places to look.

Does anybody have a clue ?


Jason Ball
Electronic Commerce Specialist
Corporate Express Australia Ltd
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Email: jason.ball@xxxxxxxxx