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Re: [SLUG] Powerbook 540c

On Tue, 8 Aug 2000, Filosofem wrote:

>  Hey, I just stumbled on your thread about getting Linux (or netbsd)
> working on the 540c, have you had any luck with it? I was just reading up
> on trying to get linux working on it as well and was wondering if you
> could tell me if you had any luck.. Thanx

The 540c has no FPU. 
Linux and BSD will not run on it. 

To make it work you need either an FPU upgrade (a full 68040 chip) or 
a PPC upgrade board.  Both are extremely rare and almost impossible to
source especially here in Australia. 

My little Mac is now a MIDI workstation for my music studio....
I do have the Mac 68k version of MI/X Xserver and it works fine.
Now I need an NFS or Samba client and it will be close enough to UNIX 
for me....


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