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On Mon, Aug 07, 2000 at 01:03:48PM +1000, johnm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Well here's the pricing and the BS "packages".
> As far as I'm concened, they loose all my personal  and business
> accounts right here and now.  I hope everyone deserts telstra in droves.

OK.. perhaps I'm missing something obvious here, but...  Why?  $78 for
unlimited 256Kbps internet sounds fairly reasonable to me. $259 install
(12 month contract) sounds reasonable given that it includes the "modem".

Sure, prices will probably drop over time, but to me this seems a very
reasonable first step.

> RSL.com gets business $75,000 / year

Bahwaw. Yeah, go for it.  You'll be back with telstra within 3 months.