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Re: [slug] auto ftp web site

> > i want to automatically mirror the site onto our isp
> > ftp:\\ftp.myisp.com/~myid/html
> > the programs i've seem bring sites down not upload them
> > can i have some suggestions please
> Try scripting Steve. This pretty basic script should help you 

ncftp has a recursive option that's passable[1] if all you have to use is

[adam@milf:~]$ ncftpput -u adam -R milf.ihug.com.au newtree/ downloads/
/home/adam/downloads/SpiralSynth-0.1.0.tar.gz:         40.93 kB    1.27 MB/s  
/home/adam/downloads/icqlib-1.0.0.tar.gz:             244.10 kB    2.45 MB/s  
[adam@milf:~]$ ls newtree/

[1] I'd rather use scp, or ssh/rsync, etc. :)

-- adm