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Re: [SLUG] Nautilus Progress

On Sat, Aug 05, 2000 at 01:24:40PM +1000, Matt wrote:
> Ermm .. I always remember having trouble restoring windows
> after I have minimised them in (??) Enlightenment ? Once they
> were minimised I would have to call a taskbar to get them
> back, I just discovered that an ALT TAB seems to restore em in
> Sawfish.

That's one way.  I always have my root-mouse buttons bound to the
active applications list (left button) and the useful applications
list (right button).  I really like that "iconified" windows just
go away completely.  More space: less clutter.

> One more thing, what do you do about your bubblemon and clock applets ?

You start them from .xinitrc like:

rclock -g 64x64-0+0 -bg "light blue" &
#asclock -g -64+0 -t Orb -noblink -exe ical &       xnodecor -w asclock &
xload -g 64x64-0+64 -bw 0 &                         xnodecor -w xload &
pppload -geometry 64x64-0+128 -device ed -link 0 &  xnodecor -w pppload &
wmmixer -position -63+194 &                         xnodecor -w wmmixer &
wmcdplay -position -63+256 -d /dev/acd0c &          xnodecor -w wmcdplay &
xbiff -g 64x64-0+320 -file $HOME/Mail/inbox &       xnodecor -w xbiff &

That glues them to the desktop along the top right-hand side of
the screen, neatly fitted together in 64-pixel blocks, without
borders, and untouchable by the window manager.

I've switched to rclock from just about every other clock I've
tried, because it has the really neat feature of running a sort
of personal cron job, but where the applications have access to
the X server.  Since I login through XDM, ordinary cron jobs
can't do things like change the background image when a new
weathermap comes in at

Anyone know of other cron-like things that can run X applications?