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Re: [SLUG] Nautilus Progress

> > Just looking at the screenshots, sometimes I can't
> > see a "taskbar" anywhere.

Yes, I didn't notice 

> That's mostly because they're window shots -> there's only one full screen
> shot there.
> > What's the alternative way of switching between
> > applications ? A hotkey to cycle between them ?
> Depends on your window manager. I use Sawfish (if only because I installed
> Helix GNOME), and like everything else, it's fully configurable. Mine's
> alt-tab, familiar to some. You could make it respond to the right and left
> Windows keys if you wanted (just like your consoles - it's quite cool if you
> hadn't noticed it yet).

No I didn't notice that, I only recently got a keyboard with Window Keys
.. it's
a neat idea ! 

Ermm .. I always remember having trouble restoring windows after I have
minimised them
in (??) Enlightenment ? Once they were minimised I would have to call a
taskbar to
get them back, I just discovered that an ALT TAB seems to restore em in

I'm also having troubles removing the only panel on the screen, the
remove from panel
menu is disabled, how do I get rid of it ? 

One more thing, what do you do about your bubblemon and clock applets ?

-- Matt Kozera