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Re: [SLUG] Nautilus Progress

Just looking at the screenshots, sometimes I can't 
see a "taskbar" anywhere.

What's the alternative way of switching between
applications ? A hotkey to cycle between them ? 

-- Matt Kozera

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Hi all,
> There's some new Nautilus screenshots up on the Eazel site:
>    http://nautilus.eazel.com/screenshots/aug-02-2000
> Nautilus has some really great features, and some very bold ways of
> displaying information about your files - even becoming the viewer (or
> really, a container). Looks pretty too, at least the teal theme does... But
> will we need yet another section on themes.org for it?
> Is themeability a cop-out for good design principles (a tough call given the
> experience behind Eazel)?
> Is configurability the 'New Bloatware' for Free Software? So many options it
> hurts (or it hurts to find them)?
> How do we keep software simple, but satisfy many? -> For developers and
> users alike?
> - Jeff
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