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[SLUG] Linux and Clustering..

Hi all,

I'd just like to get some views and opinions on Linux Clustering. I have a
client who deals with a huge database and the Intel P II 400Mhz with a RAID
XX and 384MB memory is not cutting it.
Also the machine has just cacked it with a drive failing and errors into the
database. Not sure on the RAID but if it was causing data errors then I
doubt it's raid 1 or 5..

What I was thinking was to create a linux cluster and from what I heard
needs big bandwidth between them so I thought instead of 100Base-T I'd see
what fibre would be like...??? I have no idea if it'll be better or not or
just a waste...

Has anybody done anything similar or saw problems with this idea??? I need a
super fast and very redundant system.
Management were thinking of going AIX or something.
Anybody seen or heard of performance from these type of systems?

George Vieira
Network Administrator
Citadel Computer Systems P/L