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[SLUG] Mandrake 7.12 and Yamaha 4260 CDRW (SCSI)

Hi Guys,

Just installed (on 3rd attempt)Mandrake 7.12 (Linux Central 2 cd set), and
the only real problem I have is that the system keeps trying to access my
CDRW even though there's no CD in it.

Setup devs and mountpoints exactly the same as RedHat 6.2 (on same system),
and have no problems with RedHat.

System has:-

1 x floppy
1 x 2.5 gb hdd (ide - primary master - RedHat and Mandrake)
1 x 6.5 gb hdd (ide - secondary master - Win 98)
1 x Zip 100 (internal SCSI)
1 x Orb drive (internal SCSI)
1 x 6.5 gb HDD (internal SCSI)
1 x Pioneer 6x CDR (internal SCSI)
1 x Yamaha 4260 CDRW (internal SCSI)

All SCSI attached to Adaptec 2940UW

ensured that "Automount" was removed from system, so unless its left
somethin in a config file somewhere I can't figure out why the system keeps
trying to access the CDRW.

Any advice appreciated