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RE: mail handling (was RE: [SLUG] How to annoy Outlook users)

From: davidf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:davidf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> John Wiltshire <jw@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> > I think you are setting up a strawman here, Jill.
> I've seen that expression used before in yank newsgroups (usenet)
> but never quite got the hang what it's supposed to mean.

It basically means setting up an opposing argument designed to be shot down,
which sounds plausible enough to give your own argument credibility.  Comes
from the practice of using straw men to train knights with before they went
into real battle - of course the knights had the advantage that the straw
men didn't really behave like real opponents...

Anyhow, I don't want to start a big fight here because it's not important -
Linux will grow as people write the apps/daemons that are needed by the

John Wiltshire