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Re: [SLUG] Linux as server in Mac environment

Thanks to all the Penguinillas who provided useful hints on this. Here
is where I am at the moment if anybody's interested in follow up:

Looks like a Mac LC II can't upgrade to more than Mac OS 7.6, mainly
'cause of the Apple change to the Power PC processor etc. Can't seem to
find any info on whether Mac OS 7.6 can handle IP over Ethernet or
similar, but then, I also haven't found anything that says it can't, and
there does seem to be quite a lot of docs talking about improved
networking capabilities in 7.6 so it's maybe worth a go. Basically, on
the Mac side I've found nothing telling me it won't work anyway.

On the Linux side, I think that running Netatalk should provide all the
file/print sharing needed, as far as I can tell the Linux box would
basically appear to be a Mac to the LC II's? There seems to be a daemon
or something in Netatalk that tells Macs connecting to it that they're
talking to a Mac file server, don't worry about this Ext2 stuff, I'll
stick the files in the right place for you? As for printing, I think
that Macs are friendly enough to each other to print to a printer using
Appletalk no matter which machine on the network it's connected to? So I
think that all that should work, provided that the Macs can talk to the
Linux box in the first place.

As for IP-Masq stuff - can anybody tell me whether Netatalk even matters
here? At home I've got a Linux box that's using IP-Chains to let a Win95
machine share a modem, and it seems that Samba plays no part, so I'm
wondering if Linux can do the same for a Mac - let stuff through without
worrying about the OS I guess? So long as the Ethernet network is setup,
I imagine that the Linux machine can route traffic for the Macs pretty
easily. Thanks again for any input. And also please tell me if this is
getting so hopelessly OT that I should stick the whole lot up an
aardvarks bottom, because I will, I've got the aardvark here ready, it's
just that the Slug list usually seems to be the best and quickest way of
getting info about anything computer related. You may all pat yourselves
on the back a couple of times, and hang the 'Tom Massey Seal of Approval
for General Excellence' in a regular Slug meeting place. Pity I didn't
have the 'Penguin of Approval' on me really, the Seal will have to do.
Anybody who wants the Penguin of Approval, tell me this - how do you
link an Apple IIC to a Linux box, in any way? I'm sure it must be
possible to use it as a tty at least. I've played with this, and
concluded I need a different cable. Has anyone ever linked a IIC to
Linux? Will I get a Slashdot story if I manage it? Has anybody ported
Linux to the Apple IIC? This should be done. Anybody want to try running
Apache on this? :-)