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Re: [SLUG] A comment on Linux Security Reviews

Wrote Padmini:
> ... and can safley say that I am now
> part of the Debian weenie fan club. It just so easy to upgrade etc.

hrm... a fan of Debian weenies? I wouldn't go that far... :) (Sorry, had
to drop that in.)

Wrote Jeff:
> Debian users are even more passionate about their OS than your 'average
> Linux user' because they put so much time into developing and shaping it.
> Debian is a community unto itself, and already I feel a responsibility to
> give back.

And not just that: the shaping and developing is strictly controlled by
policies and standards, so that when you install a package, you can be
pretty sure it behaves like most other packages you install, which makes it
all even more likeable (if you're not actively developing your OS).

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