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Re: [SLUG] How to annoy PINE users

Even better, maybe Jeff Waugh needs to start a "How to dynamically
demo windoze hidden features"  aka "Penguinguerialla Action" - SLUG
page, listing all those little tid bits (as above) for us all to try
out on those machines at TAFE, Uni, Computer Stores, Aust Post and
the list goes on.

This I wholeheartedly second !!!

Maybe a monthly SLUG award to the member excuting the most disabling
feature in the most interesting places - err... like ATO ;-))
umm. thinking about this maybe thats why all the problems with State
Rail !

Seen the new monitors at Wynyard lately ? They had the BSOD on them about a month ago, and nothing since... Problem is they are installed so bloody close to the old indicator board you can't see it !!!

It will probably be reported in the press as some sort of "new
virus". We can affectionally called it "knowledge virus".

No, we can call it WINDOWS !!!!