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Re: [SLUG] Software RAID

The patches for 2.2.16 are on somebody at redhat's site

the raid in the kernel is old style raid

(I will send you the patch file personally) - Just because I can not
remember of bother to find the url

On Mon, 24 Jul 2000, Howard Lowndes wrote:

> If anyone has successfully compiled Software RAID1 into 2.2.16 kernel,
> could they contact me off list please.
> I can get RAID1 running with the RH6.1 distro and its standard 2.2.12-20,
> but I am doing something wrong with the .16 kernel.  It compiles OK but
> isn't finding all the RAID devices (yes, they are set as auto detect), it
> only find 4 out of a total of 7 and I am wondering if I need a patch
> somewhere.