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Re: [SLUG] Congrats to the admins.

> Andrew Macks wrote:
> > Congrats to the admin guys who are running the new slug server. Messages
> > to the list seam to come in real fast now, no delays at all in getting
> > messages.
> *grins*  They just moved you to the top of the mailout list :)

Damnit! You figured us out! As it turns out, some of us *did* 
enjoy this trick...

If you had been taking notice of the headers and 'dig', you would have seen
that the new server was handling all our mail for a couple of weeks. At the
start, we just aliased slug@xxxxxxxxxxx to slug@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Then we installed Mailman, so Anand (who, incidentally, is an incredible
sysadmin) was acting sneaky, and subscribed slug@newtreno to the newly made
Mailman list. So, when you sent to slug@slug, Mailman processed the mails,
send just one off to newtreno. Majordomo on newtreno would then distribute
amongst the entire list.

He did this so we could move things across in stages. Soon after, he
resubscribed the digest list on the new SLUG machine (leaving the newtreno
address as a non-digest subscriber). Finally, the entire lists were moved
over when it looked like everything was running A-OK.

Now... Do I have to explain why I unsubscribed from the newtreno list, and
resubscribed to the SLUG machine list whilst all this was going on?

When you're only one of three subscribers, the mail goes REALLY fast! ;)

- Jeff

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